Give me the night. 4 March 2017. 7am - 7pm

White Night Ballarat is the first regional White Night, following the success of four critically acclaimed White Night Melbourne events, from 2013–2016. White Night is Australia’s contribution to the internationally renowned phenomenon of Nuit Blanche, where cities around the world transform into all-night galleries. In joining Melbourne, Paris, Toronto and Sao Paulo in the international network of colour, Ballarat is making history! 

Ballarat’s history and its stunning Victorian architecture is as vivid and impressive a canvas as any Nuit Blanche event’s. So while White Night will celebrate Ballarat’s present and future, it’s hard to ignore the city’s rich and golden history, as captured by Henry Lawson’s poem The Roaring Days, which has provided inspiration to our artists: 

The night too quickly passes
And we are growing old,
So let us fill our glasses
And toast the days of gold;
When finds of wondrous treasure
Set all the south ablaze, 
And you and I were faithful mates
All through the roaring days!