Give me the night. 4 March 2017. 7am - 7pm

What is White Night Ballarat?

Inspired by the international Nuit Blanche movement that began in Paris in 2002 and came to Australia as White Night Melbourne in 2013, White Night Ballarat is an all-night, free, cultural event – the first of its kind in regional Australia.

It is the city as you know it, but reimagined and transformed under the ephemeral cloak of night. A night where the surreal seems real, White Night Ballarat is a rare opportunity to experience the city in a different light. The event will weave a spell over the city’s CBD, transforming the impossible into the possible through installation, lighting, exhibitions, street performances, film, music, dance and interactive events.

When is White Night Ballarat?

White Night Melbourne will run the full 12 hours from 7pm on Saturday 4 March to 7am on Sunday 5 March 2017.

Where will White Night Ballarat be held, exactly?

White Night Ballarat takes over the heart of Ballarat, focusing on Lydiard Street (between Ballarat Station in the north and Dana Street in the south) and Sturt Street (between Armstrong and Albert streets).

Is White Night Ballarat free?

Almost everything at White Night Ballarat is free. For any venues that may be hosting ticketed events, these are marked on their individual program listings along with booking details.


Are all elements of the program suitable for a general audience?

The majority of the White Night Melbourne program is suitable for all ages. Any venues or works with an age restriction due to program content will be identified on individual program listings. 

Is there an official program guide?

A printed White Night highlights guide is available from participating cultural institutions, with the more extensive digital version available at

When will the projections and lighting displays start and end? 

White Night Ballarat runs from 7.00pm to 7.00am, however the projections and lighting works are best viewed after darkness falls (around 9.00pm) and before the sun rises on Sunday morning.

Will I be able to see the entire White Night Ballarat program if I stay for the full 12 hours?

The White Night Ballarat program has dozens of free cultural events and activities, in just 12 hours, so you may not be able to experience every single program item. But there is no right or wrong way to experience them. With so much on offer, feel free to arrive and see what happens! White Night Ballarat is yours to create for yourself – no two people will have the same experience! 

Who created and produces the event?

White Night Ballarat is a State Government of Victoria initiative managed by Visit Victoria. It is produced by David Atkins Enterprises, with Artistic Director & Executive Producer David Atkins OAM at the helm curating works created by local and national artists.


Where can I find information before the event?

The best place to find accurate and up-to-date information is here on the White Night Ballarat website and on the event’s Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Where can I find information during the event?

For updates throughout the night follow White Night Ballarat on Twitter or Facebook. Information Points will also be located throughout the precinct, and White Night Ballarat team members will be happy to help you. For the location of the event Information Points, please check the program map.

When is the best time to visit White Night Ballarat?

White Night Ballarat is a unique event as it runs over a full 12-hour period from 7.00pm–7.00am, allowing you to choose an arrival time that suits you. Arrive whenever you want, stay as long as you like and enjoy everything that’s on offer at your own pace. You could start with dinner at a local restaurant, then continue through the evening. Or you might prefer to begin after midnight; or even make an early, early morning of it!

There are incredible events taking place throughout the full 12 hours. The biggest White Night Melbourne crowds are usually experienced between about 9.00pm and 11.30pm, and it’s likely this will be similar at White Night Ballarat.

The beauty of White Night Ballarat, however, is that it spans the night. So if there are crowds and queues in some areas, why not just continue on – you will likely discover something you didn’t expect! You can always circle back later.

What should I bring to White Night Ballarat?

Make sure to bring a water bottle, a charged phone and comfortable shoes. Don’t forget to download and print the full map.

Is there a chance that White Night Ballarat would be postponed due to bad weather?

Come rain, hail or shine it’s happening on 4 March 2017 from 7.00pm–7.00am — so come prepared! White Night Ballarat has a range of program options that are both indoor and outdoor to cater for all weather conditions.


Public Transport

Public transport is a great way to get to and from White Night Ballarat, but please keep in mind that demand may be high during peak times. PTV will be running buses, trains and coaches all night.

Will public transport be free?

Public transport will not be free during White Night, so you will still need to top up and use your myki. For more information see,

Where can I get more information about public transport?

You can visit the PTV website at or call PTV on 1800 800 007. 


If you plan to drive, be aware that there will be several roads closed in and around the Ballarat CBD. 

There will be two Park & Rides in Ballarat where you can park your car then catch an express bus to the Armstrong Street Bus Hub. 

Visit the Public Transport and Parking pages or the Road Closure map for more information.


Who can I ask for information during the event and how will I be able to spot them?

There will be information areas across the White Night precinct and staff will be present and identifiable all night throughout the event precinct to assist with any queries. The Information Areas are marked on the map.

Is there seating in all areas?

Seating is available in participating indoor venues, cafes, bars and restaurants, with some extra seating provided in key food stop areas and rest areas.

What kind of facilities will be available on the night?

Signs indicating key areas including general information, first aid, lost children, toilets and drinking water will be present on the night. Food stops with a variety of food vans and food courts are identifiable on the map.

Where will the first aid stations be?

First aid stations are located throughout the event precinct. These are indicated on the map.

Which cafes, bars, restaurants and food villages will be available for the entire night?

Here is a list of participating cafes, bars, restaurants, food courts and food stops. We encourage you to make a reservation at participating restaurants so you don’t miss out. Please note that all public areas of White Night Ballarat are alcohol free.

Is White Night licensed?

No. White Night Ballarat is an alcohol-free event. Alcohol is only permitted within licensed venues. Check the website in mid-January for information on venues within the precinct. It is an offence within the City of Ballarat to consume or carry opened alcohol in public areas.